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Lidded milk jug with clobbered decoration of roses

This milk jug is decorated with a simple underglaze blue decoration of cloud scrolls and ornaments. In addition to this decoration, it has an incised (anhua) decoration of lotus flowers. Even without the added decoration this is quite an exceptional piece. It can be dated to the reign of the Chinese emperor Kangxi (1662-1722). The decoration added in Europe consists of roses and chrysanthemums. It is clearly inspired by the high quality Famille Rose wares from the Yongzheng era. However, instead of a Chinese peony, the jug is decorated with a "conventional European" rose. This is possibly one of the best clobbering jobs I have come across. Remarkably, also the matching lid still remains with this piece. The height of the jug including the lid is about 7 inches.

Average, with two large chips (beak and rim). There are also two hairline fractures from the rim (2-inch and 0.25-inch). Furthermore, there is a fracture in the handle. The lid has only a tiny 0.1-inch chip. In spite of these faults, this jug displays extremely well and is well worth a careful restoration.

Kangxi, circa 1700 (clobbering 1st half 18th century)

Price $395

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