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Chinese polychrome jar

This polychrome jar is decorated in underglaze blue and overglaze red, green, yellow and brown. This palette is also known as the Wucai style. This style was highly popular during the Ming period. As a result this type of jars usually is dated to the Ming or Transitional periods. However, in view of the porcelain body it more likely dates from the beginning of the reign of the Chinese emperor Kangxi (1662-1722), around 1680. The decoration consists of an attractive floral scroll. The rim of the jar is unglazed, possibly to allow for the application of a wax seal. These jars were used to store, for example, valuable tea. The height of this jar is 4.75 inches (12 cm).

Excellent, with a small original firing crack to the interior rim, which does not go through the porcelain, as well as some small chips to the rim. In addition, there is some usual wear to the enameled highlights.

Kangxi, 17th century.

Price $395

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